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Fashion Victim 2: Avant Garde Fashion

Former High Court Justice Ian Callinan has completed his independent review of Sydney’s ‘lockout laws’. New South Wales amended the Liquor Law to impose an earlier closing time for licensed…

Has alcohol hijacked our nightlife?


Since the release of On the Beach (1959), Melbourne – and more widely Australia – has been fiercely asserting itself against actor Ava Gardner’s slight. Apocryphally, she described Melbourne as…

Are Sydney’s late night premises built on a shaky premise?


Of all the arguments Grogwatch has heard against the Sydney licensing reforms (only one of which is actually the ‘lockout’) the most difficult to judge is the claim that it…

Freedom from assault trumps 24/7 public drinking


In this second part of our series on the so-called ‘lockout laws’ making headlines in Sydney and Queensland, we look at the philosophy behind the laws – why your right…

How many lives is a nightclub worth?


At this year’s Australia Day ceremony, Dr Gordian Fulde was celebrated as Senior Australian of the Year. If you’ve heard of him previously, you might know Dr Fulde is director…