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Why clickbait makes great headlines but terrible advice


Grogwatch welcomes all our readers back from the summer break. After the seasonal festivities of Christmas and New Year, and the heavy consumption of food and drink that accompanies it,…

Media Watch: The West Australian’s double standards on alcohol ads


ABC TV’s Media Watch recently shone a light on alcohol advertising in our daily newspapers, using The West Australian as an example of where editorial content and industry advertising collide. Watching the…

With alcohol advertising hitting home runs in the digital space, we need to step up to the plate


Smartphones, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are now being used in alcohol advertising to engage consumers like never before. Alcohol marketers’ use of social media means they’re no longer relying on…

Four strategies Big Alcohol uses on social media


The marketing of alcohol remains a major public health problem. Research indicates that the advertising and promotion of alcohol influences consumption levels, especially among young people and young adults. New research…

We know what works. Let’s do it.

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Today’s GrogWatch article was written by Tony Brown. Tony is an Australian lawyer and community advocate for proven alcohol harm prevention measures. In 2008 he voluntarily led the local community…

Last chance for comments on TV Code changes


A couple of weeks ago, we reported that FreeTV had proposed amending the current TV Commercial Code of Practice. These amendments would allow alcohol ads to be shown from 7:30pm…

New alcohol in the news via feed


We’re always looking to innovate in the way we bring you the latest news, which is why we’re trialling collating stories of interest with a feed (soon accessible from the…

Video: ‘What are kids really learning?’

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The Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports community program recently launched a confronting television commercial, designed to provoke questions about what kids learn around sporting clubs. The commercial has been on…

Alcohol in the news

Alcohol in the news

Alcohol consumption and related problems are way over the limit and it’s time to say no The Daily Telegraph 5 March 2015 Tonight at a forum in Sydney, representatives from our…

TV proposal gets R-rating – for ‘Ridiculous’


One of the more heartening findings from last years’ National Drug Household Survey was that young Australians are drinking less than their parents, and that they’re starting to drink later….