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No Duff-ence: beer found to breach code by appealing to kids

duff beer

Earlier this year GrogWatch told you about the Victorian Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC) concerns about Woolworths selling Duff Beer in their Dan Murphy stores. Health experts were concerned that the…

Alcohol has no postcode

Boozy Aus

On the weekend produced this article on binge drinking where the statistics have been broken down by Medicare Local districts.  Interestingly they found that the consumption of “11 or…

Discounting the drowning of our national sorrow

photo shopper docket2

Grogwatch reader Loretta Woolston this week wrote to us and we thought it was worth sharing: Why is it ok for Woolworths and Coles to promote alcohol on it’s dockets?…

Online and out of control: alcohol promotion and advertising


Recent research reveals online promotion of alcohol deserves much more attention. Online alcohol promotion enables brands to avoid the advertising codes that try to regulate marketing and prevent the promotion…

Duff Beer – the drink made famous in The Simpsons soon available in Australia

duff beer

GrogWatch reader Chris recently wrote to us about his concern that Duff Beer is about to be sold in Woolworths-owned bottleshops. “I would like to complain about a new beer coming…

At what point do we say enough is enough?

beer lollipop

It never ceases to amaze us here at GrogWatch, that human ingenuity is forever stretching the boundaries, but at what point do we say enough is enough? The US media…

25 February 2014 – Alcohol in the news

Alcohol in the news

New liquor laws in place in Sydney CBD 24 February 2014 Tough new liquor sales laws and pub and bar door restrictions are now in place across inner Sydney…

Highlighting the insidious alcohol practices in your community


Last week a GrogWatch reader expressed her outrage about T shirts being sold that associated alcohol with Santa in her post Big W inappropriately promoting alcohol, which got us thinking….

28 January 2014 – Alcohol in the news

Alcohol in the news

Lisa Curry slams ‘****head alcohol fuelled kids’ after daughter’s friend is king hit Courier Mail 28 January 2014 Former Olympian Lisa Curry called for stronger punishment for drunken violence after…

Take a look in the mirror this party season

Take a look in the mirror

Ask someone on the street what’s causing alcohol-related harm and they will most likely say “young people and binge drinking”. This issue is splashed across our headlines and screens almost…