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Children avert your eyes now

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According to the most recent National Drug Strategy Household Survey, there is strong public support for controls on alcohol advertising. Compared to the previous report, there was increased support for…

Something in the air – but not safety

Flight Attendant Serving a Drink

Do you ever wonder why airline staff bother to go through the safety routine these days? So few passengers seem to watch or listen. It does seem redundant to be…

How Women Are Targeted To Drink More

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Problematic drinking by women can be overlooked as they do not drink as much, or as often, as men. Yet alcohol has a greater effect on women. For biological reasons…

Liquor Act & Domestic violence, does it go hand in hand?

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The much anticipated report of the Royal Commission into Family Violence was published last week. Pleasingly the Victorian government has already promised to implement every one of the 227 recommendations….

Our Battle with Big Alcohol’s Big Budgets

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$600 billion is spent every year around the world on advertising, enticing us to change our lifestyle, try a new experience, or even just cement our existing behaviour. We are…

The violent truth – it’s time we got out of this alco-hole

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Here’s a thought experiment to conjure with:imagine the outcry that would occur if a drug was discovered to be connected to half of all the murders committed in Australia; imagine…

Take the #SoberSelfie Challenge

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“I’m never drinking again.” It’s a pretty normal thing to hear amongst my friends over the course of a weekend. It’s said so frequently that we don’t really believe anyone…

A personal reflection on turning down a drink


This week GrogWatch publishes a personal musing from one of the Australian Drug Foundation’s own staff. **** “Go a month or two without any wine” my trainer said to me, “it’s an…

Do community alcohol prevention programs work?

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Changing people’s behaviours is the holy grail in health promotion. Whether it’s encouraging people to make better food choices, being vigilant for disease symptoms or reducing the amount they drink,…

We know what works. Let’s do it.

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Today’s GrogWatch article was written by Tony Brown. Tony is an Australian lawyer and community advocate for proven alcohol harm prevention measures. In 2008 he voluntarily led the local community…