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Breaking the Cycle

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Today’s GrogWatch was originally published in Victoria’s Police Life Magazine and was written by Mandi Santic. Alcohol is a factor in many crimes across Victoria and police are working with…

Game, set and match… or at least it should be.


Regular readers of GrogWatch will know, for years we have been calling for regulators to take action and close a ridiculous loop hole in the current Commercial TV Code of…

TV proposal gets R-rating – for ‘Ridiculous’


One of the more heartening findings from last years’ National Drug Household Survey was that young Australians are drinking less than their parents, and that they’re starting to drink later….

Family violence – time to account for the role of alcohol


Violence, both within and outside the home, is finally receiving the attention it deserves. Grogwatch has previously written extensively about the changes we as a community can enact to reduce…

The health drink of the nation is not alcohol


When you take your next alcoholic drink and say to yourself, or the people with you, that it’s good for you, think again. If you believe that you can receive…

Selling booze means your job is never done


Last week the Australia Liquor Stores Association (ALSA) released a report on Australia’s Changing Drinking Habits. It’s an extraordinary document that claims cultural interventions by the alcohol industry are pretty much responsible…

Time to celebrate without the mayhem


To my fellow Australians, I want to wish you all a Happy Australia Day. May yours be a day of fun, frolics and fond memories with friends and family. May…

Corporate social responsibility, anyone?


Here’s something to ponder. What organisation would encourage young people under the age of 18 to drink alcohol? Before you answer, consider Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council recommends…

Last-minute safe Schoolies tips


It’s that time of the year again. With Schoolies and Leavers (WA) celebrations about to kick off for 2014, GrogWatch this week provides some last minute tips and advice for…

Branding, advertising, alcohol and you


Regular readers of GrogWatch will know the issues associated with alcohol advertising. The top three are: The exception clause for live sport – that’s right, alcohol has no time or…