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Casula pub stoush continues


In Sydney, the Casula community’s long-running struggle to prevent a large late trading pokie pub being developed on their doorstep has taken another turn. The pub chain has allegedly sought…

An alcohol-free Oktoberfest?


Okay, while not as dramatic a trend as this headline might suggest, there is a growing demand for low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers in Germany. Germany is a country well known…

Exposing kids to booze: 26,000 ads a year


Would you support a change that would instantly halve children’s exposure to televised alcohol ads? New research has found that by simply changing a couple of regulations so that alcohol…

Newcastle Model: are the critics correct?


Burdened with the embarassment of having the highest rate of alcohol-fuelled violence in NSW a decade ago, the community of Newcastle took bold, successful steps to reclaim their streets and…

A different alcohol culture in Sweden

Fun beer

This article was written by Crystal Holt, a former volunteer at the Australian Drug Foundation. “Alcoholic beverages are not just another product. And that’s why Systembolaget exists – as an alcohol…

Taking a break from booze


Most Australians have drunk alcohol recently, but lots of us have tried not drinking for a period of time as part of something like FebFast, Ocsober or Dry July as…

Submission to Family Violence Commission highlights alcohol’s role

bandw_sad boy parents drinking and fighting_16April2013_reduced size

There’s no doubt that alcohol plays a significant role in family violence, as a recent submission from Victoria’s Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC)  to the Royal Commission into Family Violence makes clear. We’ve discussed previously…

Does alcohol cause cancer?


A substantial body of evidence indicates that drinking alcohol increases the risk of cancer, particularly mouth and throat cancer, oesophageal cancer, bowel cancer (colon and rectum), liver cancer and female…

Teaching kids to P.A.R.T.Y.


In April the ACT government announced funding for the P.A.R.T.Y. program to be trialled in Canberra Hospital. ACT Minister for Health Simon Corbell said the program “takes students into Canberra…

Alcopops tax misinformation should haunt spirits industry


Proof that the alcopops tax successfully reduced underage and harmful drinking should haunt the spirits industry, which misled the public and pretended from day one the tax was a failure….