The Pub with no beer – for just 3 hours!

The recent decision by the Premier of NSW to reverse the ban on the greyhound industry has given hope to the people who think the current liquor licensing restrictions, colloquially known as the “lockout laws” in Sydney, should be amended and or abolished.  They are ‘circling the wagons’ to get the NSW Government to review the conditions of liquor licenses in these areas.

There is ample evidence that these licensing conditions are working to reduce injuries and assaults. Since 2014 the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has reported assaults have fallen by 45% in Kings Cross and by 20% in the Sydney CBD.

We now have rallies by the music industry who say that live music is suffering because of these laws, which is something I don’t get as no venue actually has to close; they just have to stop serving alcohol at 3am.

Why doesn’t the music industry target these venues to stay open – create exotic non-alcoholic cocktails, have pop up restaurants to serve food to the patrons who stay inside to hear the bands and try some different economic modelling rather than remaining alcohol-centric.

Let’s face it, in reality we are only talking about not serving alcohol from 3am until 6am – 3 hours with no alcohol.  Live music, fun drinks (which just happen to be alcohol free) can continue.

GrogWatch would love to hear what alternatives venues have tried, or have these venues themselves said to everyone – just leave, we’re closing its 3am.

So if the NSW government amend the licensing laws in Sydney and the rate of assaults and injuries increase – What happens then???

Written by Julie Rae