In March, the Alcohol Advertising Review Board (AARB) released the report, “No way to ignore it: The case for removing alcohol ads from public transport” and wrote to all states and territories calling on them to amend advertising agency contracts or existing legislation to prohibit the display of alcohol advertising on public transport and transit stops.

Well South Australia was listening.  The Adelaide Advertiser reported that from mid 2017 South Australia will prohibit alcohol advertising on both the inside or outside of public transport.  This is in line with the ACT Government who introduced a similar ban in 2015.

As GrogWatch has reported in the past outdoor advertising is self-regulated by the industry and the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has developed a code but only members of the OMA need to follow the code.

Congratulations must also go to the AARB for commissioning the report and writing to all State Governments calling for a removal of alcohol advertising from public transport.

Don’t forget when you see an alcohol advertisement at an appropriate time and or place please snap a photo and send it to the AARB as a complaint.

Written by Julie Rae