A guide for community services: Capacity Building and Change Management

VAADA is proud to announce the release of ‘Capacity Building and Change Management – A guide for community services’. This latest resource has kept the still relevant and best bits of the old manual, however it has been extensively updated. It is now designed to be used widely across the entire not-for-profit sector, and particularly in agencies delivering primary health and community care services.

In 2011 VAADA released the ‘Capacity Building and Change Management – A guide for services implementing dual diagnosis processes’ developed by Positive Directions, Consultancy and Training.

Since then, there have been some radical changes in approaches to service provision across sectors, including funding and recommissioning processes. These require agencies to restructure their services, and respond to clients in a more holistic manner. It is now widely recognised that many clients’ presenting problems are multiple, complex, and not limited to dual diagnosis.

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