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New establishment too close for comfort

GrogWatch reader, Laurie wrote to inform us of a new tavern being developed in a less than ideal location in Perth’s south suburb of Yangebup.

My family resides in Minori Gardens Yangebup WA, near the Beeliar Village Shopping Centre where the City of Cockburn has decided, to once again, place a tavern in close proximity to another school and in this instance the South Coogee Primary School.

I write to you today to seek support from your readers to also oppose this proposal. It seems to be a political position, to support liquor outlets, no matter where they are, so that people do not have to travel long distances to enjoy themselves at destinations that cause harm to those who have no true say as to what they really want. Politicians and their public servants seem to choose where these outlets go unless the people as a majority say NO.

This tavern will cater for over 600 people and at its closest will be at least 20 meters away from some residents, have a drive through bottle shop [ pointing directly at the school ] and 185 car parking bays whereby an exit will be directing fleeing patrons at the residential area and back streets. Situated near Beeliar Drive are bus stops, where students are being dropped off by buses right in front of the tavern. I also do not want any more of these types of outlets near homes, schools and children due to their potential harm to the community, as more information is gathered by health departments and interest groups against the harms of alcohol. I have 2 young children where we live adjacent to a park where our street is a potential thoroughfare where a drunk driver leaving the tavern could hit a child.

The developers wish to make no changes to the size and scope of the tavern and all is not what it truly seems due to how it was initially presented to residents in Oct ober 2015. This council believes that it will create ameniety and be a family meeting place. This may be so in their minds but what of the concerns of those who will be more greatly effected, nearby residents and their children, and finally the children who attend this school. We even had the sad situation where a Cockburn councillor showed plans of the tavern to the school P&C to see what they thought. The vice president of the school then wrote a letter to the President of the Yangebup Progress Association to say that that the school P&C approved the tavern and that letter was used as an approval for the tavern in the submission period.

The council in their ultimate wisdom did not check this letter. Apparently this P&C wanted it rescinded as it was not approved by the P&C, was the opinion of one person and it was not a true reflection of the school as the principal and parents at the school were very angry of the contents of the letter. I have included the letter with the copy of the letter from the council and they both state the titles and names of the people involved.

We are against this proposal on the following concerns:

  • Too close to a school [230 metres]
  • Too close to a childcare centre [50 metres]
  • Too close to families with young children [20 metres+]
  • Too close to a small park frequented by children [100 metres]
  • Too close to a drug dealer in a nearby street who is well known to police and virtually destroyed a home on Yangebup Road [100-150 metres]
  • Infrastructure is incapable of handling the traffic generated by the outlet
  • No drive through bottle shop
  • No rear exit onto Yangebup Road
  • No encouragement to anti social behaviour
  • No one would like to live within 100 metres of a tavern [in some cases 20-30 metres away. [I met with a retired couple who will be only 20 metres from the car park]
  • Advertising does influence young minds and this will be in the faces of young children who are at the school, the park, the nearby shops, the bus stops in front of the tavern and in our homes.

If you’d like to show your support for Laurie, sign the petition here.