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‘Staggering’ results found from taking a month off alcohol

The results of a U.K study into the effects of abstaining from alcohol for a month have been described as staggering, with considerably reduced risk of liver and cholesterol related diseases amongst the most significant of findings.

The research, conducted by the University College London, found that participants who took a month off the booze reduced their insulin resistance – a key factor in diabetes – by 28%.  Liver stiffness, another big cause of disease, was found to have decreased by 12%, while participants also lost an average of three kilograms and significantly improved their cholesterol levels.shutterstock_126936941

“The results were staggering,” Professor Kevin Moore, a supervisor of the study, told the Daily Mail. “If you had a drug that did this it would be a multi-billion pound market”.

The study was conducted on individuals who undertook Dry January, the U.K’s version of Dry July. 

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