Alcohol-related ambulance attendances soar

This week, Turning Point released ongoing research as part of their Ambo Project. The project monitors trends in alcohol- and drug-related ambulance attendances in Victoria, and last year’s numbers are eye-opening.

In Melbourne, from 11,168 ambulance attendances for alcohol-related incidents in 2012-2013, the number jumped 11.8% to 12,482 in 2013-2014. The numbers for regional Victoria weren’t much better: from 3742 two years ago to 4043 last year.

The report highlights that we are seeing an increase in alcohol related harms. Perhaps most counter-intuitively, the average age (both mean and median) of the person being attended to was 41. Not so surprisingly, two out of every three ambulance attendees was male. Alcohol remains the leading drug category involved in ambulance attendances across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The full report also contains information about attendances related to illicit drugs – read it now.