Reader response: Talk to the parents, too

In response to our lead story last week on exposing kids to alcohol advertising, we received a challenging, but very pertinent letter from Sue. We re-publish it in full below with her permission. 

“What is glaringly absent in the call to limit alcohol ads during children’s viewing times is a simultaneous call for parents to reassess their role modelling of alcohol use.

“It is well accepted that parental role modelling is far more powerful than outside influences in terms of children’s choices regarding alcohol use. How many parents are drinking alcohol in front of their children at the same time alcohol ads are on TV, when they are with their children at sporting events or at every family celebration including children’s birthday parties?

“Parents who drink in front of their children are normalising alcohol use and reinforcing the alcohol industry message! Can we really demonise an industry if the majority of Australians support that industry by purchasing their products? The alcohol industry is powerful because it has so many supporters.”


Here at GrogWatch we value feedback by our readers. Let us know below if you agree with Sue.