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Upcoming conference: Frontiers in Addiction, 18-21 August in Sydney

4th APSAAR / 5th IDARS Conference
18-21 August  2015

The Conference will bring together basic scientists, clinical scientists and medical practitioners from the international community to present and discuss the latest findings on alcohol, drugs of abuse, other CNS-acting drugs, and the treatment of alcohol and drug use and other addictive disorders.

• Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
• Treatment of Drug Addiction: Methamphetamine, Cannabis, Opiates
• Frontiers in Addiction Pharmacotherapy
• The Nature and Diagnosis of Addictive Disorders
• Anaesthetics, Inhalants and Opiates
• Epigenetics, Omics, and Cocaine
• Substituted Amphetamine Neurotoxicity
• MDMA/Ecstasy, GHB and Designer Drugs
• Novel behavioural and pharmacological approaches to preventing drug-seeking and relapse
• Novel Neurobiological Targets for the Treatment of Alcoholism
• Substance Use among Indigenous Peoples
• Internet Gaming and Social Media
• The Vulnerable Brain

Mac Christie, University of Sydney, Australia
Elizabeth Elliott, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia
Andrew Holmes, NIAAA, USA
Susumu Higuchi, KMAC, Japan
George Koob, NIAAA, USA
Andrew Lawrence, The Florey Institute, Melbourne, Australia
Ed Riley, UCSD, USA
John Saunders, University of Sydney, Australia
Ken Warren, NIAAA/NIH, USA

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