10 times GrogWatch owned the drinking culture debate

Over the last few years, GrogWatch has reported on the latest alcohol news, fads and issues within Australia’s drinking culture and the alcohol industry on a global scale. We’ve also celebrated the small and big victories and cheered on the communities and individuals standing up to a powerful industry and a national problem.

To celebrate the 200th edition, we’ve highlighted some of the best GrogWatch moments where we worked with our readers and other organisations to prevent alcohol-related harm in communities.

Here’s the top 10 times GrogWatch put the alcohol debate to bed and supported those making a difference….

1. The time when GrogWatch shut down the idea of alcohol being sold at petrol stations

Why stop at Petrol stations – why not sell alcohol at pet stores too? You always feel the need to buy some vino along with your new pet hamster too.


2. And that time when GrogWatch demanded an alcohol strategy

With 50% of all drinkers exceeding the safe drinking guidelines, surely it wasn’t an outrageous thing to ask…


 3. And all those times we reminded parents that GrogWatch has got their back.

We’ve lobbied for secondary supply laws to help parents have a right to parent and also prepped them with some great schoolies tips.


4. When GrogWatch encouraged school-leavers to take full advantage of Red Frogs.

And not the sugary-delicious type but the life-saving type.


5. When GrogWatch stated that televised booze-fests weren’t that entertaining…

Here we were thinking the Logies were celebrating the achievements of the TV industry not discussing how not-so-sober the Actors were. Silly us.


6. The time when GrogWatch highlighted the heroes on the ground making a difference to youth drinking culture.

BUDDI, Cringe the Binge, Sammy D., Bidgee Binge, WYLD and so many more working with young people to reduce risky drinking. Go, team!


7. When GrogWatch unfriended the major alcohol brands on Facebook

If big alcohol brands can use Facebook for marketing, so can health promoters. Social media, by virtue of its networked nature, inherently tends towards connection, inclusion and collaboration, which are the same tools health promoters and non-profits use to amplify our messages.


8. When GrogWatch declined the offer to have a midday cocktail during the screening of a children’s movie in the school holidays.

If the cinema advertisers wanted to get young children familiar with alcohol brands and labels, mission accomplished.


9. When GrogWatch was unpopular in challenging the idea that an alcoholic drink is good for us.

We know, super uncool of us – but hey, we’re thinking of your health and wellbeing.


10. When GrogWatch delivered the great news that community alcohol prevention programs do work.

A very welcome and nice reminder that all the hard work that goes into prevention programs does pay off. The best part, we’re making a difference in changing our drinking culture.


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