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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Parents: three things you have to know about planning schoolies


Around 40,000 schoolies flock to the Gold Coast each year for a well-earned celebration of 13 years of study, and thousands more head to places like Byron Bay, Bali and…

New research shows booze brands breach their own codes


The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education has released a new report showing that major alcohol brands are violating their own self-regulated marketing codes when it comes to online promotions. The…

Cinderella – it’s time for a cocktail


It’s a Friday. It’s the school holidays early in the afternoon you take your two primary school aged children to a shopping centre cinema to watch the blockbuster school holiday…

OECD alcohol report released


A new OECD report, ‘Tackling Harmful Alcohol Use’, has been released. The report includes an interactive map, allowing you to highlight drinking patterns in participating countries.

Resource: Indigenous AOD knowledge centre


The Australian Indigenous Alcohol and Other Drug Knowledge Centre recently launched two new web portals with links to resources and other information. The portals provide information for community workers, Elders,…

The truth behind drinking figures


A recent article in The Conversation makes an interesting point – although 92% of Australians self-identify as responsible drinkers, 43% of us have vomited while drunk, and 75% of us…

It’s time we got on the same (Facebook) page

Like thumbs up symbol icon with glass of red wine

As health promoters, we know we can’t ever expect to spend the same dollars that big booze companies do on encouraging us to drink. It’s hard to compete directly with…

Video: Alcohol and cancer


The link between excessive alcohol consumption and cancer is proven and strong, but it’s surprising how few people are aware of it. The Cancer Council estimate around 5% of new cancers…

App review: On track with the right mix

on track with the right mix

There are a plethora of drink tracker apps out there but this one has a couple of nice features, such as flagging when you’ve reached your maximum daily alcohol spend,…

Community funding: Don’t need drinks to dance


One of the eight ideas developed from the ABC Heywire Regional Youth Summit was focused on reducing alcohol abuse, and now communities are able to apply for funding to put that idea…