Video: Helping GPs spot patients who are drinking at risky levels

The Australian Drug Foundation’s recent webinar for general practitioners — “Helping your patients who are drinking at risky levels” — is now available to view on the DrugInfo website. About 20% of Australians who consume alcohol do so at risky levels, and GPs are uniquely placed to identify and intervene with patients whose alcohol use is hazardous. Despite this, many GPs are uncertain about how to best address this important issue with their patients.

In an interactive Q&A session, presenters Dr Hester Wilson, Dr Paul Grinzi and the ADF’s Julie Rae explained how GPs can conduct ‘brief interventions’ to help patients who consume alcohol at harmful levels. Hester and Paul also answered questions from other health care professionals, such as: “Do GPs ask patients about alcohol consumption?”, “Is red wine good for patients’ health?” and “How can I find treatment services in my local area?”

The webinar also provides links to a number of patient resources on risky drinking and the misuse of other drugs.

Brief interventions are easy and effective. By working with their patients, GPs can make a significant difference in reducing the health, economic and social consequences of harmful alcohol consumption.