Another day, another dumb booze campaign

In what has to be one of the most poorly thought-out promotions in the history of alcohol advertising (and that takes some doing), Thirsty Camel have announced that they’re looking for a new ‘Minister for Thirst’:

Endorsing a thirst for alcohol as on the same par as health, defence and other portfolios is the saddest possible indictment and endorsement of Australia’s problematic drinking culture.

And it gets worse: the ‘winner’ of the competition gets $5000, plus monthly booze packages and their face on a billboard (the first 10,000 entrants get a stubby holder). “Then there’s the glory, the honour and the mega bragging rights,” says T20 Group Creative Director, Andrew Panozzo.

There’s not much glory in developing an alcohol addiction through having bottles of grog turn up at your house every month, your face plastered on boozy billboards, or your mates insisting the ‘Minister for Thirst’ buy the first few rounds at the pub. We wonder how Thirsty Camel is planning on protecting the winner from being expected to drink the bar dry on every occasion?

In fact, we’ve sent them a letter asking just that. Stay tuned for a response!