Alcohol’s all the rage in the air

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for alcohol-fuelled air rage incidents. Most of us have been on a flight where another passenger’s had a bit much to drink and gets a bit rude, but what happens when people turn unruly or even violent in the cramped confines of a plane? More often then not, the aircraft has to turn around. Things get even more serious on international flights where turning around isn’t an option, and federal authorities sometimes have to get involved.

southern comfort

It seems incredible that against this background of unrest that an alcohol brand would choose to highlight flying as the perfect opportunity to down a few. Yet that’s what this ad from Southern Comfort (on Facebook) suggests. At the best of times, flying is a mode of transport that can be fraught with anxiety, and this really doesn’t need to be exacerbated by rowdy passengers playing the fool.

We’ll be in contact with Southern Comfort to hear what they’ve got to say on their ad, but in the meantime, we’d love to hear if you’ve got any nightmare stories of boozy passengers causing a hassle on flights you’ve been on – shoot us a message, or leave a comment below.