It’s good news

Throughout the year GrogWatch has highlighted the issues at both a national and local community level around the hypocrisy of alcohol and liquor licensing, legislation, advertising and pricing.

Over the past twelve months GrogWatch has supported, celebrated and turned the spotlight onto the wonderful work communities are doing to counter the harms alcohol causes.

Stories we featured about fighting big alcohol and winning shows us that an individual and or a village can make a difference, and a significant one at that – these are just a few. Well done Casula, Sam Menezes, Byron Bay, Tony Brown, Bruce Clark.

We’ve supported the organisations who are working hard to shine the light on alcohol harms by providing research; Turning Point, FARE, NDRI, NCETA, NDARC, Monash, Deakin, Newcastle and all of the others who care.

We’ve celebrated the campaigns from many groups, especially: VicHealth, Dry July, FebFast, Hello Sunday Morning, Cringe the Binge and many more. We’ve welcomed all the community members who are actively contributing to reducing alcohol related harm through Community Drug Action Teams in NSW.

We’ve questioned the wisdom of free enterprise trumping our own safety, where responsibility is placed on the individual and not the creator or provider of the harm.

Our spotlight is always on the alcohol industry, their ability to manipulate the agenda with government and how they try and dupe us with their so-called  ‘social responsibility’ by appearing to encourage people to drink responsibly, which is all part of their marketing campaign to keep you drinking.

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions during the past year. We are now taking a well-earned rest and will be back online in February 2015.

Season’s Greetings to you all and all the best for the New Year,

Be safe and care for each other.

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