Podcast #2 : The role of planning in managing alcohol-related harm – urban planner Bonnie Rosen  

GrogWatch is pleased to share the second in a new series of podcasts produced by Victoria’s Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC).

In an interview with Bonnie Rosen, urban and social planner and Principal at Symplan, the second podcast examines the use of planning laws to reduce alcohol related harm. It is now available for you to listen to.

With over 25 years of experience in her field, Bonnie Rosen shares her expertise and discusses a number of topics including: the five determinants of harm, the role and scope of urban planning and local government and the challenges currently facing urban planning in relation to alcohol related harm.

In 2014 the APC commenced work on an alcohol policy roadmap project, examining the current state of alcohol law and policy in Victoria, and looking at areas for law reform and policy development, with the overall goal of reducing alcohol related harm in the state.

In the first phase of this project, the APC are examining:

  • state powers to limit children and young people’s exposure to alcohol advertising;
  • the impact of planning laws on alcohol policy including the ways in which planning laws can be better utilised to reduce alcohol related harm; and
  • national model laws on secondary supply.

As part of this project, the APC have produced a series of podcasts on the three current focus areas.

If you missed the first podcast in the series, which discussed alcohol marketing and young young people with David Jernigan PhD, it’s not too late. Listen to it here.

Keep and eye out for the third and final podcast in the series featuring Geoff Munro from the Australian Drug Foundation discussing the effectiveness of teen drinking (secondary supply) laws.

We invite you to listen and share your thoughts or reactions to the discussion using twitter (@Alcohol_Policy) or by sending your comments to info@alcoholpolicycoalition.org.au. You can also comment below.

This project is an APC project, with support from the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth). The Australian Drug Foundation are a founding member of the APC.