The latest alcohol flavoured products creeping onto the market

9 October 2014
Various takes on deep-fried alcohol are being experimented with across the world.

Following the news that an English couple designed a range of alcohol-soaked sponge cake products and sold them at an event for the equivalent of $5.50 each, a recipe for deep-fried tequila shots has now been published.


27 May 2014
Phrosties — a boozy slushie sold and delivered to your door over social media are apparently the fad of the moment in NYC. The ingredients of the drinks are unknown and unregulated, causing concern due to their potentially lethal strength.

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20 May 2014
In the UK cocktail-flavoured icy poles are about to hit the market.

The Pina Colada and Mojito flavoured icy poles look just like regular icy poles yet contain 15% alcohol.

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29 April 2014
Beer flavoured lollipops, alcoholic wine icecream and boozy chocolates – when is enough a enough?


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