Your shout

Your Shout: created by young people for young people

Your Shout is an educational DVD that features a group of young people talking openly and honestly about their experiences with, and thoughts about, alcohol.  Their discussion is complemented by comments from professionals in the health field. It is designed to work as an icebreaker; to promote discussion, stimulate debate, and foster thinking about alcohol consumption, and the impact it can have on our physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Your Shout encourages young people to:

• think about Australia’s drinking culture
• to voice their opinions and experiences on drinking in a safe and supported manner
• be aware of the choices they have when it comes to drinking alcohol
• be mindful of and resistant to harmful peer pressure
• support and look after each other
• reduce drinking at harmful levels.

Your Shout is available to preview and purchase at the ADF Shop.