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New Drink Limits support group for same-sex attracted women

Recent research shows that a large portion of same-sex attracted women are drinking too much on a regular basis, putting their health and relationships at risk. The culture of drinking in the LGBTI community may be partly to blame as well as the pressures of being part of a minority group in a society where stigma still exists. Finding a supportive group where same-sex attracted women can not only feel safe to tackle their drink problem but also feel at ease to talk about their sexuality can be difficult.

Drink Limits aims to support same-sex attracted women who are concerned about their drinking to either cut back or stop altogether. The group will focus on the triggers that lead to over-drinking and how alcohol may be used as a coping mechanism. It will explore new possibilities and routines for coping with stress and anxiety in addition to helping group members to find and hold onto the motivation necessary for change.
These groups are free of charge and are facilitated by two highly experienced female counsellors from the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC).

The next group starts on 20th October, 6-8pm. Call 03 9865 6700 to book an appointment and see if Drink Limits is the right fit for you.