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Discounting the drowning of our national sorrow

Grogwatch reader Loretta Woolston this week wrote to us and we thought it was worth sharing:

Why is it ok for Woolworths and Coles to promote alcohol on it’s dockets?

Currently and for some time, both these giants of the market place have been pushing products in the form of rewards promotions – buy one bottle get one free.

As the community struggles with the ongoing effects of alcohol, is this really a positive model? If I spend $30 or more I am able to get petrol and alcohol rewards offered. However if I spend less there is still a booby prize encouraging me to take home more alcohol than I perhaps wanted or needed.

First off I’m annoyed because I think it’s unfair my spending small doesn’t accumulate to give me petrol points. Then I’m disgusted that these companies show no sign of consideration to what is a serious issue. Why alcohol and not another product? I will assume because it’s good for their bottom line and that far out weighs their social conscience.

Yes, there is the debate about choice and responsibility but there is also room for argument of good corporate neighbours.

Is it fair to those vulnerable to alcohol to have such enormous market forces doing their best to push their product on them in such an unsuspecting manner. It’s a captured market to be pushed and prodded, the docket system can wet the customer’s whistle before any community warnings could step in to help to balance the argument. Let’s make alcohol and its effects everyone’s issue – even Woolworths and Coles.

Thank-you Grog Watch for the opportunity to raise this discussion.

Loretta Woolston