Make a movie, make a stand, make a difference

Message to all school principals, teachers, youth leaders and advisors, community and youth groups. This year, WA Police is encouraging all Western Australian high school aged students to actively become ‘Community Safety Champions’, as part of the innovative Students Advising Youth Project (SAY Project) for 2014. Supported by local Lions Clubs and Murdoch University, students are encouraged to produce a short (90 – 105 seconds) film about making their community “drug free and drug aware”.

The top film will win $1,000 cash and an all-expenses paid trip for them and a guardian to fly to Canberra and attend Parliament to present their film to a Government representative.

$1,000 prizes also available for 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed film makers.

About the SAY Project

In 2013, Acting Sergeant Tam McKeown initiated the SAY Project to encourage young people to be educators among their peers to deliver messages about key community safety issues such as illegal drugs, road safety and alcohol abuse.

The Project aims to provide students with a strong anti-drug education during the research component of this year’s subject, and in addition, students will actively promote and market their own anti-drug films through both local networks and social media in their communities.

Informative podcasts have been produced to assist you and your students to learn more about participating in the Project.

Schools and community / youth organisations are required to complete and submit a registration form no later than 24 July 2014. The promotional poster is also available online for distribution in your school or community / youth organisations.

How to participate in the SAY Project – Key dates

29 April 2014    
Launch. Individuals research their anti-drug topic and compile a short film to show how they are making their community drug free and drug aware.
24 July 2014    
Deadline for school and community / youth groups to register their interest in participating. Complete the registration form and send to by 24 July 2014.
25 July 2014
Students upload their short films onto school or community group YouTube, market and communicate it through social media, among their social peer groups and local community.
25 July – 22 August    
Students market their films and school or community / youth groups select the top ten meeting criteria and with the most views.
29 August 2014    
Deadline for school or community / youth group to select and submit their number one film to
August – September 2014    
Judges review submissions and select 10 finalists. Films are uploaded to the SAY Project YouTube.
29 September 2014  
Judges announce 10 finalists and invitations to awards ceremony distributed.
20 November 2014    
Mandurah Performing Arts Centre – Finalists attend an awards ceremony and winner is announced.
December 2014    
Winner and guardian meet and present film to Government representative in Canberra.

Learn how you can be involved in the SAY Project.