energy drinks

International Energy Drinks Conference

Caffeinated energy drinks are the focus of a new and rapidly progressing public health conversation in a number of countries. With most developed nations experiencing an exponential growth in energy drink sales, there are emergent fears amongst many health advocates about the health and behavioural effects of energy drink use. A developing interdisciplinary group of independent, government-supported and industry-funded researchers are working to investigate the: health and behavioural outcomes of consumption; consumption by young people; the consumption of energy drinks with alcohol; impacts of excessive consumption, and; the public health and policy issues surrounding availability and product labelling.

In this context, an international conference on Energy Drinks Research will be held in Geelong, Victoria, Australia on 6 – 7 November 2014.

The conference will be an interdisciplinary meeting of international non-beverage industry affiliated researchers at the forefront of energy drinks research.

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