Alcohol in the news

4 March 2014 – Alcohol in the news

Research shows closing pubs and clubs early reduces alcohol related assaults
ABC News
4 March 2014
New research has found a reduction in assaults in Newcastle, after the introduction of ground breaking alcohol measures, has been maintained.

Call for shorter Newcastle hotel hours
Newcastle Herald
3 March 2014
Newcastle’s alcohol-fuelled violence should be further scrutinised to identify how late-night assaults can be reduced beyond already impressive results, Newcastle Drug Action Team chairman Tony Brown says.

Talking to your child about drugs and alcohol
3 March 2014
Parents often feel ill-equipped to talk to their kids about alcohol and drugs – but Julie Rae, Head of Information and Research at the Australian Drug Foundation, says that talking about alcohol and other drugs openly in your household may help avoid future problems.

Kids under influence of alcohol ads
PS News Online
3 March 2014
An Australian National Preventive Health Agency draft report warns that alcohol advertising and marketing is reaching children and adolescents and influencing them.

NSW alcohol laws unpopular with young voters
The Sydney Morning Herald
2 March 2014
Eighteen- to 24-year-olds, the group most likely to feel the impact of the crackdown, showed the strongest resistance to mandatory sentencing and the new pub lockouts, according to the latest Fairfax-Nielsen poll.

Ban discount coupons for alcohol, say doctors
The Age
1 March 2014
Discount coupons for alcohol on supermarket receipts, loyalty programs, and gifts that might encourage people to buy and drink more booze should be banned, doctors say.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia shuts doors after Fiona Nash cuts off funding
The Sydney Morning Herald
1 March 2014
The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, which has operated since 1966, was placed in voluntary administration in November after Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash decided it would receive no further funding.

Baby boomers abusing drugs and alcohol at record rates; self-medicating to deal with ageing
28 February 2014
Stressed and ageing baby boomers are turning to booze and drugs at alarming rates, campaigners have warned.

John Ibrahim launches ‘Don’t be a dickhead’ ad to promote the fight against alcohol-fuelled violence
28 February 2014
“Don’t be a dickhead” is the message from King of the Cross John Ibrahim in an anti-violence video starring his mates Kyle Sandilands and Koby Abberton.

Wine Becomes More Like Whisky as Alcohol Content Gets High
Scientific American
27 February 2014
In the past two decades the maximum alcohol content of wine has crept up from about 13 percent to, in some cases, northward of 17 percent, a side effect of the growing popularity of wines with richer fruit flavor.

Health advocate labels new campaign from DrinkWise as ‘outrageous and harmful’
27 February 2014
A new safe drinking campaign from not-for-profit, independent organisation DrinkWise Australia has been slammed as “outrageous” by the director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute, who said he has “no doubt” it is going to be “harmful”.