Big W inappropriately promoting alcohol

I write on behalf of a Shoalhaven Community Drug Action Team.

Prior to Christmas, some T-Shirts that were being sold in Big W came to our attention. They normalised alcohol use and introduced children to alcohol before they are ready. They clearly associated alcohol with Santa and did little to protect children from alcohol promotion.

Binge drinking is a matter of current public, political and media concern. Headlines have highlighted the tragic impact binge drinking can have in our community, and recent political actions have reflected the community concern over the level of binge drinking and the changing drinking culture within our communities.

Shoalhaven CDAT find it unacceptable that Warrawong (NSW) Big W family department store stocked these inappropriate T Shirts as a standard Christmas item, further assisting to promote a culture of excess alcohol consumption.

We wish to bring this to your attention with the aim of having these and similar items unavailable and not on display.