Alcohol in the news

25 February 2014 – Alcohol in the news

New liquor laws in place in Sydney CBD
24 February 2014
Tough new liquor sales laws and pub and bar door restrictions are now in place across inner Sydney party spots. The NSW government’s promised 3am last drinks and 1.30am lockouts for CBD and Kings Cross licensed premises came into effect at 12.01am (AEDT) on Monday.

The Sydney lockout: new location, but the same old mistakes
The Age
24 February 2014
Today Sydney and the O’Farrell government will embark on a policy and political disaster – the 1.30am lockout and 3am last drinks laws. How do I know this? Well, I have seen this movie before.

Drinking alcohol after resistance exercise impairs muscle protein synthesis
Performance Nutrition
24 February 2014
After a hard training session heading to the pub for a few beers might seem a good idea, however the latest scientific evidence suggests that doing so may compromise muscle development due to the impairment of protein synthesis.

Drinking alcohol while pregnant could become a crime after landmark test case
The Independent
24 February 2014
A landmark test case due to be heard by the Court of Appeal could criminalise excessive drinking during pregnancy.It will be argued that a six-year-old girl is the victim of a crime because she suffered brain damage when she was exposed to alcohol in the womb – a risk that her mother was aware of, Sky News has reported.

Play about alcohol abuse to tour region’s secondary schools
The Northern Echo
24 February 2014
A powerful play about alcohol misuse is to tour North-East secondary schools in the coming weeks. The performance and interactive workshop has been developed with young people and helps pupils understand the facts, causes, and consequences surrounding alcohol misuse and the risks of underage drinking.

Alcohol and liver disease — what’s the connection?
The Health Site
24 February 2014
Everyone from your doctor to your grandmother have told you that alcohol is bad for your liver but do you know why? Well for that you need to understand a little bit about the liver. The liver is such a vital organ that there’s no single artificial organ that can replace it or perform all its functions.

Alcohol addiction: A third of Aussie women considered high-risk drinkers, while many don’t know what constitutes a standard drink
Herald Sun
23 February 2014
Financial adviser Rachael Jones had a terrible secret. To her friends, family and colleagues, she was a high-functioning professional looking after her clients’ financial reports and superannuation. She’d been in the industry for more than 11 years and was a trusted and well-liked employee. But there were many mornings when she turned up to work still drunk from the night before.

Many of us find the link between alcohol and cancer too easy to ignore.
The Sydney Morning Herald
23 February 2014
With the news from the World Health Organisation that cancer has overtaken cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death worldwide comes an opportunity for some sobering reflection. Sobering because alcohol was again pinpointed as a risk factor (along with crappy diets and lack of exercise), and is known to contribute to the incidence of not just oesophageal and mouth cancers, but also breast cancer.

Are there health benefits to moderate drinking?
ABC Health & Wellbeing
20 February 2014
“Go on, have a drink. It’s good for you!” It’s a line most of us have heard at some point, usually from someone brandishing a freshly-opened bottle and keen to share the experience. Indeed, the notion that low to moderate level drinking has health benefits is so widespread, you might have even heard it from your GP, says alcohol researcher Professor Tanya Chikritzhs.