Alcohol in the news

28 January 2014 – Alcohol in the news

Lisa Curry slams ‘****head alcohol fuelled kids’ after daughter’s friend is king hit
Courier Mail
28 January 2014
Former Olympian Lisa Curry called for stronger punishment for drunken violence after her daughter’s friend was “king hit” at the weekend.

The Project TV
28 January 2014
The recent focus on alcohol-fuelled violence doesn’t mean there’s not still a stigma attached to non-drinkers. So what is it like to be a non-drinker in modern Australia?

Diet soft drinks, alcohol don’t mix
Newcastle Herald
27 January 2014
Australian research teams studying the metabolism of soft drinks have found that mixing artificially sweetened beverages with alcohol results in higher breathalyser readings – ones which could land drivers in court.

Australian Medical Association calls for national summit on alcohol
Herald Sun
23 January 2014
Emergency doctors who spend their weekends dealing with victims of drunken violence have called on the Federal Government to follow NSW’s momentum in tackling alcohol-related harm.

NSW Premier says new laws on alcohol-related violence ‘will make a difference’
21 January 2014
Mandatory sentences, venue lockouts and earlier closing times for bars mean serious consequences for alcohol or drug-fuelled violence New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell.

Alcohol sales: Experts call for figures to be publicised
The Sydney Morning Herald
21 January 2014
Hundreds of millions of litres of alcohol are swallowed in Australia each year but the NSW government has no idea how much is consumed in its own backyard.