Name That Point

Compete for cash and change our drinking culture

GrogWatch is giving away money! Well it’s not us really. It’s VicHealth, kicking off its Culture Change program with a NameThatPoint competition.

There’s a point during drinking when the evening could go either way. VicHealth thinks it needs a name. The tipping point is different for everyone, but everyone has one. If people could recognise this point, they might make better drinking decisions.

Running across the summer months, people have the chance to win $5,000 by naming the point at which clear thinking turns into more drinking, headaches, empty wallets – and worse. Weekly winners will share in cash prizes and an overall winner will be announced at the end of summer.

The competition is part of a wider campaign that asks people to challenge the prominent place of alcohol in our culture by starting an open and honest discussion about it. It’s a joint initiative of VicHealth and the State Government of Victoria as a key part of their strategy Reducing the alcohol and drug toll: Victoria’s plan 2013–2017.

While the campaign targets young people aged between 16 and 29 years, all Victorians* are invited to NameThatPoint and discuss alcohol and its place in our wider community online through the campaign website and Facebook page.

VicHeath created this campaign to take a positive approach to changing our drinking culture. They recognise that many people drink responsibly and enjoy having a drink or two. And negative campaigns don’t always resonate with those who are not at that extreme ‘binge’ end of the spectrum.

To push the conversation along, VicHealth needs as many people as possible to know about the campaign. Here’s what you can do:

Win fame with Bernard Salt with a classy name for people who don’t drink

VicHealth aren’t the only ones with a competition running. Last Saturday Bernard Salt, The Australian newspaper columnist, announced in his article that he wants a name for all the people like him who don’t drink alcohol. His choice not to drink does not stem from having a drinking problem.

Some years ago he decided work and social life was better without grog and he admires people who can be witty and revel without being boozed up. And he likes being one of them.

Bernard says, “I need an upbeat health-edged authenticity-inclined term to project the values and the thinking of the people who choose not to drink alcohol. Who’s up for sober fun and what shall we call it?” That’s some job description Bernard, but GrogWatch knows what you’re getting at, and we like the idea.

People who consciously don’t drink deserve a proud descriptive term. Maybe GrogWatchers can help Bernard out – send him your ideas by emailing or posting them on his Facebook page, Decent Obsessions.

Bernard isn’t offering any money to the winner, but he might make you famous.

So that’s it for this year, GrogWatch will be back on Tuesday, 4 February 2014. Have a safe and happy summer break GrogWatchers and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

*If you’re outside Victoria, you might know a Victorian you could partner with (wink wink, nudge nudge). Share the fun.