Alcohol in the news

10 December 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Police oppose alcohol at Maitland fireworks
Newcastle Herald
9 Decdember 2013
Maitland police have formally opposed plans to allow New Year’s Eve revellers to have a drink at the city’s fireworks, arguing a lack of extra transport could mean more patrons would drink-drive.

The Courier-Mail captures images of alcohol-fuelled violence on Brisbane streets in the lead-up to Christmas
The Courier-Mail
9 December 2013
This is Queensland’s drunken shame police have vowed to stamp out this Christmas.

Alcohol sends 30,000 Vics to hospital
9 News
8 December 2013
Nearly 30,000 Victorians were hospitalised in a 12-month period due to the effects of excessive alcohol consumption, new data shows.

Even without ensuing fights alcohol on its own can cause plenty of problems
The Telegraph
8 December 2013
Possibly one of the sadder pictures of this weekend was a 15-year-old girl who at 8pm drank all of a 600mL hip flask of vodka.

No thanks, I don’t drink alcohol. Full stop.
The Australian
7 December 2013
I do not drink alcohol. At all. I stopped a decade ago and have discovered a whole new world that only teetotallers know.

Drug, alcohol program faces cuts
Newcastle Herald
6 December 2013
The future of an ‘‘imperative’’ drug and alcohol service that provides care and support to hundreds of hospital patients every month is on the line, with no secured funding past January 2014.

Simulator shows up the effects of alcohol
The West Australian
4 December 2013
A unique test in a high-tech driving simulator has highlighted the dramatic impact that alcohol can have on a motorist.