Should alcohol and school fetes mix?

Should alcohol and school fetes mix?

ABC The Drum
13 November 2013

If Australians had such a healthy relationship with alcohol, the suggestion that schools abstain from serving alcohol at fetes wouldn’t prove to be so controversial, writes Monica Dux.

When I emailed a friend telling her that I was writing about alcohol at school functions, and asking whether booze had been served at her son’s primary school fete, her response was blunt and immediate: “Yes it was, and don’t you dare write that it should be otherwise!”

Of course there was a vein of wry humour running through this email. We parents love our children, and we support our local schools, but we also know that gathering large numbers of the little darlings together and letting them run rampant can be exhausting. In acknowledgement of this fact, we roll our eyes at one another when school fetes are discussed, and make cracks about the need for some alcoholic self-medication in order to get through them. Yet if you scratch away at the jokey surface, you often find that there’s an earnest dedication to drinking lurking just below the banter.

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