New Report: Victoria’s drinking culture

VicHealth and RMIT University have released a new report, Drinking-related lifestyles: exploring the role of alcohol in Victorians’ lives. Along with the qualitative and quantitative reports, there is a research summary which highlights some key findings including:

  • Alcohol is entrenched in most aspects of life –  many Victorians use alcohol to unwind and/or socialise; it’s seen as a normal way of enhancing experiences and/or celebrating special occasions.
  • Drinking alcohol at ‘typical’ levels and getting drunk is socially acceptable, while binge drinking and abstaining are less so.
  • Drinking in or associated with a workplace is also common, and alcohol is used as a way to connect with work colleagues.
  • While alcohol consumption is often associated with a special event, it can also be the reason for an event or gathering.
  • While most people in the study identified negative consequences from drinking, few identified their drinking behaviour as problematic.