Complete BS from BWS

Complete BS from BWS

Just when you thought alcohol advertising could not be more crass, hypocritical, or insulting, up jumps a campaign that would make a self-respecting industry cringe with embarrassment.

The liquor merchant BWS has a new advertising campaign on the theme ‘Today’s Special’. It’s coming to the TV screen or mobile device near you, plus radio and newspaper domains.

This incredibly creative campaign invites people to ‘celebrate life’s small victories’ by … (what else?) having a drink. Watch the TV commercial on Mumbrella.

And, what does BWS think ‘life’s small victories’ consist of? Well, everything really.

An example of a ‘small victory’ BWS wants you to celebrate by drinking more booze is cooking a meal, growing a beard, having a haircut. No, they are serious.

You get the point – there’s no end to our daily victories. Stack the dishwasher – that was some effort, you deserve a drink; vacuum a room – celebrate the success with another; fill the car with petrol – recognise the feat with a booze-up. So many triumphs, we will rival Napoleon. But why did he invade Russia when he could have satisfied himself by having a shave, topped off with a bottle of vino.

This is probably an appropriate campaign for a merchant whose very brand name is the last word in banality (BWS – beer, wine, spirits – get it?).

But it is a campaign for an industry that swears it is committed to something called ‘responsible marketing’. And the alcohol industry’s own code of practice states inter alia: ‘Advertisements for alcohol beverages must present a mature, balanced and responsible approach to the consumption of alcohol beverages and, accordingly – i) must not encourage excessive consumption or abuse of alcohol…’

How mature, balanced or responsible is a marketing tool that advises people to use every possible excuse to drink, on every possible moment, every day?

Despite their protestations of ‘responsibility’ they just don’t get it. Or do they, but they care more about the bottom line?

It surely must be time for alcohol advertising to carry mandatory health warnings, because this is an industry that is as deaf and dumb as the tobacco industry.

Do GrogWatchers want mandatory health warnings on alcohol advertisements?

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