Alcohol in the news

12 November 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Vegemite, Ribena being used to brew alcohol in dry communities in Queensland’s Gulf region
ABC News
12 November 2013
Health authorities say everyday items like Vegemite and Ribena juice are being used to brew homemade alcohol in some of Queensland’s Indigenous communities.

One-stop drug and alcohol breath tester
Brisbane Times
11 November 2013
A Cleveland breathalyser company is preparing to trial a world-first all-in-one alcohol and drug testing device.

Parents urged not to give alcohol to their kids
10 November 2013
The State Government has launched a new campaign warning parents about the dangers of supplying alcohol to children.

Beer goggles give new grog insight
Fraser Coast Chronicle
9 November 2013
Wearing beer goggles and lying in a gutter were all part of the educational experience for St Mary’s Catholic College students this week as they learnt safer attitudes towards drinking alcohol.

Byron Bay spreads Cringe the Binge message in lead-up to schoolies
ABC North Coast NSW
8 November 2013
One of Australia’s most popular party spots is urging young people to control their drinking as schoolies approaches. An organisation in Byron Bay, increasingly becoming known for its high rates of alcohol-related violence, is holding a national weekend of action against binge drinking.

Alcohol dependent pregnant women left high and dry
8 November 2013
Pregnant women with a drinking problem that could leave their baby with brain damage have almost nowhere to turn for help, and fear losing their child if they seek treatment.