New research: Drinking during pregnancy

Researchers from the University of Queensland have used English data to find that moderate drinking during pregnancy can affect a child’s academic performance later in life. Some key points from the study are:

  • Data was taken from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), a birth cohort study based in the south-west of England.
  • The study measured alcohol intake for both the mother and father in the first trimester and at 18 weeks gestation.
  • The children’s academic outcomes were measured at age 11, along with a number of other environmental factors.
  • Frequent parental consumption of 3 standard drinks (equivalent to 32g of alcohol) was associated with lower test scores for the child.

Full study: 2013 Effect of prenatal alcohol exposure on childhood academic outcomes: contrasting maternal and paternal associations in the ALSPAC Study