be the influence boarder x series

Be The Influence Boarder X Series

Australia is playing host to the world’s first national competition for extreme boarder X skateboarding. The Be the Influence Boarder X Series will see up to 32 riders from across the globe compete for the title of World Champion.

The series will take place at four big events around Australia, kicking off in Sydney at Centennial Park on October 26th before hurtling through Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne in November.

Be the Influence – Tackling Binge Drinking is about engaging with young people and giving them the confidence to challenge the acceptability of binge drinking in their peer groups.

Be the Influence Boarder X Series are alcohol‐free family friendly events and will feature music and entertainment to provide a great festival atmosphere with live commentary from onsite DJ’s.

Sydney – 26 October 2013
Newcastle – 2/3 November 2013
Brisbane – 10 November
Melbourne – 16 November 2013

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