Alcohol in the news

29 October 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Anti-alcohol event an amazing race for all
The Irrigator
29 October 2013
A series of challenges and activities delighted participants in Leeton’s own version of the Amazing Race recently. The Bidgee Binge program organised the day, which included residents between the age of 11 and 17 taking part in various tasks.

Replacing wine equalisation tax with new alcohol tax would be catastrophic for industry
Herald Sun
28 October 2013
A powerful health lobby is pushing for tax reform that winemakers say would devastate their industry.

Five alcohol myths, busted
Herald Sun
28 October 2013
It’s Monday, and people all over Australia are nursing hangovers. Maybe you’re one of them. You may think you’re more hungover because you switched from beer to liquor, but you’re wrong.

This potent new beer from Scotland has a 67.5% alcohol content
Business Insider Australia
26 October 2013
After debuting the world’s strongest beer at 65% ABV one year ago, Scottish brewery Brewmeister has released an even stronger version.

South-west agencies combine for drug, alcohol therapy
The Standard
24 October 2013
Half a million dollars has been provided to a new consortium of south-west drug and alcohol agencies to ensure people take the right path through new therapeutic counselling services.

Strokes hitting ever younger people with unhealthy diet, alcohol and tobacco to blame
Daily Telegraph
24 October 2013
Ever younger people are suffering strokes, according to two studies published yesterday that warned death, disability and illness from strokes could double by 2030, partly due to unhealthy lifestyles.

Athletes village alcohol ban placed on Rio-bound Australian Olympians
ABC News
24 October 2013
Australian Olympians will be forced to break from their tradition of wild partying in the athletes village after finishing their events at the 2016 Rio Games.

Alcohol destroys one in four diets
23 October 2013
A survey of 1000 slimmers has found that over the course of a week’s boozing, 26 per cent of slimmers typically consume a quarter of their weekly calorie intake in alcohol alone.

Over-supply of grog ‘fuels violence’ in Byron
Echo Daily
7 October 2013
Tweed-Byron police commander Detective Superintendent Stuart Wilkins told this week’s parliamentary committee hearing that alcohol-fuelled assaults in Byron Bay had increased in the past two months.