Alcohol in the news

22 October 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Aussies want alcohol ads out of sport: study
Illawarra Mercury
22 October 2013
Illawarra sporting, academic and charity representatives have welcomed new research that shows the majority of Australians want to see alcohol advertising phased out of sport.

Warning girls about dangers of alcohol is not shaming them
Herald Sun
22 October 2013
Who’s got more chance of being sexually assaulted? A woman who’s stone cold sober, or one who’s drunk a schooner of pure grain alcohol and is about to pass out? Let me assure you, it’s the latter.

Usman Khawaja considers stance on alcohol sponsors
The Age
22 October 2013
When Fawad Ahmed sported an unbranded Australian shirt in England last month, Usman Khawaja was watching on with interest.

Inner-city youth ‘more liberal’ with alcohol
Northern Weekly
21 October 2013
Young people in Melbourne’s gentrified inner suburbs are more likely to have ‘liberal attitudes to alcohol’ than their counterparts in outer growth areas, according to a new study.

Sport and alcohol relationship concerns most Australians
ABC News
21 October 2013
New research has found that around 70% of Australians see alcohol and sport as too closely related.

Their shout: cricketers toast brewery’s deal
The Sydney Morning Herald
19 October 2013
“Alcohol and sport don’t mix.” The simple sentiment unleashed a storm of controversy after Cricket Australia refused to run the ad during the Ryobi Cup in Sydney.

Legal aid service says alcohol bans will not work
Yahoo 7 News
18 October 2013
An Aboriginal legal aid service says Alcohol Protection Orders will not address the problems of alcohol abuse in the Northern Territory. The Government wants to ban anyone who commits a serious offence while drunk from buying or possessing alcohol for up to a year.

Alcohol restrictions attract attention
Newcastle Herald
16 October 2013
“The Newcastle model’’, the trading restrictions imposed on its hotels, are in the spotlight in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory as community leaders  grapple with how to curb alcohol violence.