Alcohol in the news

1 October 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Byron trial accompanied by drop in alcohol-fuelled violence
The Northern Star
1 October 2013
With weeks to go before the first six-month trial of the Byron Bay Liquor Accord finishes, the Australian Hotels Association (NSW) has slammed two Byron Bay licensed premises, Aquarius Backpackers and Lala Land, for breaching liquor laws during the trial.

Stop calling alcohol “MommyJuice”: How liquor companies target women
29 September 2013
Booze has become pink, female-focused, fruity and sweet — and it’s creating a massive new health problem for women.

Wine glass size affects how much is poured, research shows
Digital Journal
29 September 2013
Ever wondered why a bottle of wine always seems to go further with guests at a dinner-table rather than a barbecue? Researchers at Iowa State and Cornell Universities may have found the answer.

Students choose adventure over alcohol for schoolies
The Sydney Morning Herald
29 September 2013
HSC students are ditching alcohol at end-of-year schoolies celebrations, picking overseas jaunts over booze-soaked local destinations.

Alcohol laws ignored
Today Tonight
27 September 2013
Australian pub and clubs all have clear signs to their bar staff that service should be refused under responsible service of alcohol laws. However, thousands of hotel licensee’s and their staff appear to be still serving drinks to those who have had too much.

Alcohol industry lags on mandatory pregnancy warning labels
26 September 2013
Alcohol companies are flouting government guidelines to warn mothers of the dangers of drinking while pregnant. Only 37 per cent of alcohol bottles carry warnings about safe consumption and drinking during pregnancy — almost two years after state and federal governments told the industry to apply them.

South Australian communities prepare for severe alcohol ban
26 September 2013
Sweeping restrictions on the sale of alcohol in the outback South Australian town of Coober Pedy will take effect from Monday. The changes are focused on curbing alcohol abuse amongst Aboriginal people, including those from interstate.