Alcohol in the news

10 September 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Study links high lead levels to anxiety, alcohol problems
The Australian
9 September 2013
Childhood lead exposure in the South Australian city of Port Pirie has been linked to psychological illness and substance abuse problems in adulthood. In the first study to examine the association between childhood lead exposure and adult mental health, the Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies found a correlation between lead levels and anxiety, anti-social personality problems and social phobia.

Pregnant women warned to adopt zero tolerance approach to alcohol intake
The Sunday Telegraph
7 September 2013
To drink or not to drink during pregnancy: the age-old debate is ramping up with the State Government ordering expectant mums not to touch a drop of alcohol.

Collie ‘flash mob’ for fetal alcohol awareness
Collie Mail
10 September 2013
Collie’s Local Drug Action Group (LDAG) put on a “flash mob” in Forrest Street on Monday morning to raise awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.The act was part of the international Pregnant Pause campaign to push the message that consuming no alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding is the safest option.

Super binge drinkers guzzle 3090 drinks a year
4 September 2013
Australia’s binge drinkers have graduated into super binge drinkers consuming more than 3090 standard drinks a year. This equates to 38 litres of alcohol a year – nearly four times the Australian average of 10 litres of alcohol a year.

Victoria’s booze culture proving a major headache
WA Today
8 September 2013
Alcohol is a booming business in Victoria, but is public health being traded for profits? The latest figures from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation reveal that in 2012-13 the number of active liquor licences in Victoria surpassed 20,000, the highest of any state in Australia. That’s one licence for every 218 Victorians adults.

Warning on dangers of using smartphone apps to check alcohol consumption
9 September 2013
Smartphone apps that track alcohol intoxication are wildly inaccurate, give false legitimacy to users and encourage excessive consumption, researchers warn. A new Victorian study analysing alcohol-related smartphone apps found many alcohol apps that measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) were flawed and inaccurate.

Alcohol attitudes need to change
Illawarra Mercury
6 September 2013
The inaugural State of Preventive Health report highlights the commitment of federal, state and territory governments to good health among all Australians. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione is was one of a number of leading Australians who contributed to the report. Each and every day, the NSW Police Force bears witness to the terrible toll that alcohol misuse and abuse takes on the community.

Sport addicted to addictions
The Age
7 September 2013
It took Australian cricket 25 years to kick the smoking habit, and even then, it had to have its arm twisted by the federal government of the day. There was some collateral damage. In 1992, high-profile Test off-spinner Greg Matthews appeared in a Quit ad, and promptly was fined 25 per cent of his payments for that season.