Alcohol in the news

24 September 2013 – Alcohol in the news

A couple of drinks a day likely to earn you a later ailment
The Age
22 September 2013
The few glasses of wine women pour themselves each night to take the edge off a stressful day wrangling kids or rushing to meet work deadlines pose hidden health risks that may not surface until decades later, experts warn.

Murphy’s law – council sells park to make way for grog shop No 18
The Northern Daily Leader
24 September 2013
A storm of controversy has erupted over a council decision to sell a prime parcel of public land to liquor giant Dan Murphy’s amid fears it could worsen the city’s alcohol-related violence epidemic.

Booze outlets ‘out of control’
The Border Mail
24 September 2013
The spread of shops selling alcohol next to other goods must be reined in and bottle-shop sales should be monitored to track links to domestic violence and other harm, the NSW liquor watchdog says.

Crime is lower when pubs close earlier
Newcastle Herald
24 September 2013
Prior to March 2008, Newcastle had the highest rate of alcohol-fuelled violence in NSW, the highest rate of drink-driving charges, and one of the highest rates of assaults on emergency workers.

Future of National Preventative Health Agency under a cloud
ABC News
23 September 2013
The Federal Government is refusing to rule out the closure of a national preventative health body. The National Preventative Health Agency researches policy and runs initiatives aimed at reducing deaths and illness caused by smoking, alcohol and obesity.

Mother’s little helper
Sydney Morning Herald
22 September 2013
Is alcohol the modern woman’s steroid, enabling her to do the heavy lifting involved in a complex, demanding world? Is it the escape valve women need, amid a major social revolution still unfolding? For many women, the answer is a resounding yes.

Alcohol interlock law backed
The Advocate
20 September 2013
Tasmania’s new alcohol interlock laws are proving controversial on two fronts, with the state government conceding this week they might need some rejigging. Talk of softening the legislation caused mostly outrage among contributors to The Advocate’s website this week.

For bub’s sake, a pregnant pause for both from alcohol
The Age
22 September 2013
Former Olympic swimmer Elka Whalan and her husband Thomas have a rule – coffee, dessert and alcohol are the three things that should never be enjoyed alone. “All three are really naughty, so it’s more fun to have them together,” the 31-year-old says.

Building up for a hangover
The Northern Daily Leader
25 September 2013
AMID a sea of agendas, obfuscation and half-truths, there are two irrefutable facts in the debate surrounding a new Dan Murphy’s superstore for Tamworth. Tamworth Regional Council should never have sold off Prince of Wales Park without public consultation and a discount liquor outlet can only exacerbate the city’s alcohol-fuelled crime epidemic.