Safe partying guide

Safe partying guide

The Australian Drug Foundation has developed a ‘Safe partying guide for young people’. Our new guide helps young people – specifically those aged 10-17 years – to deal with alcohol sensibly at parties.

The pocket-sized pamphlet provides tips on safe partying, facts about alcohol, reasons to delay drinking and information about teen drinking laws.

Individual pamphlets are available for free by downloading a copy or by calling (03) 9611 6100, alternatively they can be purchased in bundles of 50 via our online shop.


  • 40% of Australians aged 12-17 have drunk alcohol, 5% drink weekly.
  • The earlier a child is introduced to alcohol the more likely they are to develop problems with it later in life. Young people should therefore delay their first drink for as long as possible.
  • Dangerous behaviour is more likely among young people when they drink compared to older drinkers. Young people are more likely to drink more and take risks.
  • The brain is still developing during the teenage years and drinking alcohol during this time may damage the brain and lead to health complications later in life.

For more information on alcohol and young people, take a look at our ‘Young people and alcohol fact sheet’ and our website for parents