Alcohol in the news

27 August 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Disturbing alcohol emergency
Echo Net Daily
23 August 2013
I would like to share my firsthand experience, working as an emergency specialist on the north coast, of alcohol-related violence, says Dr Blake Eddington, BMed FACEM, Byron Bay.

Mayor ‘ignoring crime stats
Echo Net Daily 
26 August 2013
Organisers of the Last Drinks at 12 public meeting in Byron Bay on Saturday Night have slammed Byron shire mayor Simon Richardson for failing to support their proposal to stop the supply of alcohol aftermidnight.

Lawyers want review of retrospective mandatory provisions for alcohol detection car locks
ABC News
27 August 2013
Tasmania’s Law Society wants a review of new laws that make it mandatory for some drink drivers to put alcohol detection locks on their cars.

More than 150 drink drivers have been caught cheating the alcohol ignition interlock program
Courier Mail
26 August 2013
More than 150 of the state’s worst drink drivers have been caught cheating while on the alcohol ignition interlock program, which requires them to drive with zero alcohol.

Aussie winemakers cut alcohol content to win over British customers
Herald Sun
26 August 2013
Australian winemakers are slashing the alcohol content of their overseas ranges in an attempt to woo British customers. Australian brands, including Banrock Station, are releasing the low-alcohol wine in Europe and cutting alcohol content to as low as 5.5 per cent – less than half the normal figure.

Byron Bay considers ban on alcohol sales after midnight
26 August 2013
A group that wants to ban the sale of alcohol in Byron Bay after midnight says the move would not have a negative long-term effect on tourism. Last Drinks at 12 hosted a packed community meeting on the weekend to address the issue of alcohol-related violence in the town.

Potions of political persuasion
Sunday Morning Herald
25 August 2013
Alcohol has had a long and association with politics. From the alcohol industry’s infancy to the current day, excise tax is an important source of revenue for governments globally.

Alcohol and Society
ABC Local
23 August 2013
What is the impact of alcohol on our society ? The latest research has shown that over half of all drinkers consume more than is good for them (in excess of the guidelines).