Alcohol in the news

13 August 2013 – Alcohol in the news

What alcohol does to your teeth
9 August 2013
An Aussie dentist wants us all to go easy on the red bull and vodkas because they’re eating away at our teeth. “I don’t think people are aware of the damage it causes,” Dr Christopher Ho told

We need a sober debate on misuse of alcohol
The Canberra Times
9 August 2013
The role alcohol plays in Australia is a legitimate public debate and, as with all such debates, public policy is not well served by misinformation, half-truths and distortions.

How to live with an alcoholic partner, according to Blind Drunk author Anne Morshead
10 August 2013
Anne Morshead met her partner in a pub. Which is ironic, because alcohol eventually threatened to destroy their relationship. “Anyone can become addicted if they drink enough for long enough,” Anne told Her partner certainly did.

Kalparrin drug and alcohol support service still fighting for federal backing
ABC News
9 August 2013
The former operator of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service for Indigenous people in the Murraylands want the centre’s funding worries highlighted as a federal election issue. It has been 18 months since the Federal Government stopped funding the service at the Kalparrin community, outside Murray Bridge.

NT alcohol escapes show success: govt
Herald Sun
7 August 2013
The Northern Territory government says it expects people to abscond from its mandatory alcohol rehabilitation program, with one man in Darwin escaping up to five times. James Najik, 35, is still in the assessment phase of the program, which means he can leave without it being a criminal offence.

Alcohol Abuse costs NSW taxpayers $1b
Sky News
6 August 2013
NSW taxpayers pay more than $1 billion a year for alcohol abuse. Auditor-General Peter Achterstraat has called on the state government to consider charging alcohol abusers who cost taxpayers more than $1 billion each year.