Alcohol sponsorship in sport

New report: Ireland’s review of alcohol sponsorship in sport

The Joint Committee on Transport and Communications within Ireland’s National Parliament has released a report on alcohol sponsorship in sport. Some key points are:

  • This report was prompted by Government plans to consider a phasing out of this sponsorship in sport and other large public events by 2016
  • Consultation was undertaken with key sporting organisations, Alcohol Action Ireland, health experts and the Irish alcohol industry group
  • All sporting organisations recognised the dangers of alcohol misuse among their members and the need for measures to counter those problems
  • However the sporting organisations feared that it would be difficult to find replacement sponsorship in the current economic climate
  • The challenge of enforcing such a ban for one country without involving the European Union was raised
  • The majority of the Committee felt that, while a worthwhile aspiration, it would detrimentally affect Irish sport were alcohol sponsorship to be banned

The Report on Sponsorship of Sports by the Alcohol Drinks Industry is available online. Unsurprisingly, it is receiving mixed reactions from the two sides of the debate – the alcohol industry is welcoming the recommendations, while alcohol advocates such as Alcohol Action Ireland have expressed their disappointment.
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