Alcohol in the news

30 July 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Does your workplace have a drinking problem?
The Age
26 July 2012
In my first job after uni I worked for a construction company as a site secretary while they put up a new building at Marylebone Station in London. Best job I ever had. A thousand men on site and me. But I digress. The culture back then in the mid-1990s was to go to the pub and down a couple of pints at lunch. We’d go back to our desk pretty tipsy and often after work we’d also go for one or two. Or 14.

Election push for alcohol TV ban
Brisbane Times
28 July 2013
Alcohol commercials should be banned from television before 8.30pm and the alcohol industry banned from sponsoring sporting and cultural events under far-reaching proposals designed to curb the ”control” of the companies.

Alcohol-free pledge to urge Aussies to make better choices
Sunshine Coast Daily
29 July 2013
Queensland’s battle with binge-drinking has prompted the state’s doctors to join forces with the group Hello Sunday Morning to change the culture.

Trans-Pacific Partnership rules could block alcohol warnings
The Conversation
24 July 2013
New rules for alcohol labelling were discussed in Malaysia earlier this week by countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The proposed rules could stymie the introduction of effective health warnings on alcohol products in all the countries involved.

Fancy a mocktail? Booze-free bar to open in London 
London Evening Standard
12 July 2013
An alcohol-free bar is to open in the capital in an effort to persuade Londoners that they do not need to drink in order to have fun. Instead of beer, wine or spirits, Redemption will serve “mocktails” and drinks such as hibiscus iced tea, alongside a “healthy” food menu devised by a nutritionist.

Boozy myths busted
The Sydney Morning Herald
26 July 2013
Spirits. They sound kind of mystical, don’t they? Certainly in medieval times the art of distilling was known to only alchemists and learned monks. It’s perhaps due to their mystic and mysterious past that so many myths and misunderstandings surround the inhabitants of the top shelf.

Could you go booze free for a six-month dry season?
The Cairns Post
28 July 2013
Six months off the booze proved a social test for journalist Anna Chisholm but there were plenty of things not to miss about getting on the grog.

Liquor stores fail police ID test
The West Australian
30 July 2013
WA’s top cop says the behaviour of takeaway liquor retailers is an “absolute disgrace” after more than seven out of 10 sold teenage police cadets alcohol without checking their age.