Alcohol in the news

23 July 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Calls for Queensland Government to address binge drinking
19 July 2013
Experts have labelled the Queensland Government’s approach to binge drinking appalling.

Sale of alcohol guidelines watered down by NSW government
The Sydney Morning Herald
18 July 2013
Strict guidelines proposed for the sale of alcohol in NSW have been watered down to remove bans on the use of celebrities who appeal to under-18s in promotions and mention of specific events targeting women after intense lobbying from the industry.

An alcoholic’s journey
ABC Radio National
21 July 2013
Emeritus Professor Ross Fitzgerald is a historian, author and columnist. He has published his memoirs called My Name is Ross: An Alcoholic’s Journey, in which he describes his struggle with alcoholism and other drug addiction from the age of 14. Professor Fitzgerald has not had any alcohol or other drugs for the last 44 years.

Low to moderate amounts of alcohol reduces death rates by up to 28 per cent: Study
18 July 2013
Consuming a low to moderate amount of alcohol regularly has been shown in a 20-year long study of the elderly in the rural NSW town of Dubbo to reduce death rates from all causes by between 20 per cent and 28 per cent.

Anti-alcohol efforts set for boost at Coober Pedy
ABC News Online
22 July 2013
Coober Pedy’s Mayor said some of the federal funding allocated to help curb alcohol abuse in the outback town would be dependant on related recommendations winning approval from the Liquor Licensing Commissioner.

Alcohol harm soars in Queensland
ABC PM Program
18 July 2013
The Queensland Government is relaxing so-called “red tape” around alcohol sales, but some experts fear that it will bring skyrocketing levels of alcohol-fuelled harm.